“Buyuk Kelajak” (“Great Future”) international non-governmental organization has been founded this year by our compatriots, students and those working abroad. On May 7, Tashkent hosted a press conference dedicated to the activities of this organization. 

“Buyuk Kelajak” unites our compatriots living abroad, patriots, who set a goal to introduce innovative ideas into the industry and science of Uzbekistan. 

The first members of the Expert Council of the organization became 32 compatriots working in the Development Strategy Center, as well as in the USA, Russia, Great Britain and other countries of the world.

Members of the organization noted that making a worthy contribution to the development of Uzbekistan is a matter of honor for them, they are inspired by the attention, and ready to use all their knowledge and opportunities along the path of development of banking, industrial, financial, educational, investment, technological and other spheres in Uzbekistan. 

At the meeting, formation of the Expert Council of “Buyuk Kelajak” organization, development of a long-term development model of Uzbekistan based on development strategy until 2035, formation of working groups on economics, public administration and social sphere with participation of international consulting companies were discussed. 

Contact Phone of NANGNPOUz

(71) 233-35-26;

(71) 233-46-81.

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