National association of non-governmental

non-profit organizations of Uzbekistan

The National association of non-governmental non-profitorganizations of Uzbekistan (NANNOUz) is one of the largest organizations of the country.

 It was founded in 2005 by the 150 leading national and regional civil institutions. 

NANNOUz consolidates the organizational and intellectual resources of the NGOs on the implementation of the priority tasks of State and social construction, democratic transition to a free and open, a strong civil society.

NANNOUz redounds to:

- development of constructive and mutually beneficial cooperation of the non-Governmental non-profit organizations (NGOs) with public authorities, slope of the people, commercial and other public organizations, foreign countries and international institutions;

- ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the NGOs, their institutional, legal and financial development, meeting the needs of community organizations in the expression and the formation of the views of the social groups they representing;

- enhancing the role of NGOs in the protection of human rights and freedoms, designing and monitoring of regulatory legal acts, governmental, branch and territorial programs of socio-political and socio-economic development of countries and regions, effective social control over the activities of State bodies and officials;

- mobilization of institutional and financial resources for implementation the projects of NGOs in economic, social and cultural life of the community, to improve legal literacy of the general public, civil responsibility and citizenship, education harmonious development of youth;

- enhance the professional knowledge of NGO activists, picking them with modern-minded and highly qualified personnel.

The National association of NGOs of Uzbekistan systematically organizes conferences, seminars, round tables and forums for discussing the development of democratic institutions, law and civil society, development of proposals and recommendations for further improvement of the organizational-legal field activities of NGOs.

The materials on the activities of the Association are regularly published on the pages of your own website, e-magazine "Digest of NGOs," the newspaper "Jamiyat", one of the founders of which is NANNOUz.

The implementation of programs for the integrated development of the NGO Association actively cooperates with leading public organizations - the Independent Institute for monitoring the formation of civil society, the Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, "Kamolot", Fund "Mahalla" and "Nuroniy", the Federation Council of Trade Unions, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber of Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, the National Association of Electronic Mass Media, Society of Disabled People of Uzbekistan and others.

Today the Association consolidates more than 500 leading national and regional NGOs.

The structure NANNOUz includes:

- The executive body of the Association, as part of which it conducts business group coordinators areas: law, ecology, economy, education, women's, youth, social and humanitarian;

- Public Fund for Support of NGOs in Uzbekistan;

- Regional Resource Center.

Contact Phone of NANGNPOUz

(71) 233-35-26;

(71) 233-46-81.

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